The origin of Danville's Fire Department reaches all the way back to 1869. Since those early days when a handful of volunteers would team up to fight a fire with a horse-drawn cart, the department has evolved into a profesionally trained and well-equipped organization consisting of Paid on Call, Part-Time, and Full Time personnel. All Danville Fire Department personnel are trained as Firefighters and Emergency Medical Service providers.

The DFD provides fire protection services for both Center and Marion Townships. Averaging between 1,500 to 2,000 calls for service a year, the department continues to meet the demands of a growing community with continued dedication and increased efficiency.

The Danville Fire Department has two fire stations: Station 191 is located at 77 North Kentucky Street and is home to the Danville Fire Department Administrative Offices. Station 192 is located at 100 Twin Bridges Road and is staffed 24/7 with response personnel.

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Danville Police and Fire Summer Camp - Day 3

Today marked the end our 2021 Danville Police & Fire Summer Camp. 30 campers, aged 9-13, spent three full days with our public safety agencies, learning in detail exactly what we do each day.

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Danville Police and Fire Summer Camp - Day 2

Day Two of our 2021 Danville Police & Fire Summer Camp is underway. Troopers with the Indiana State Police Aviation Section are currently giving a presentation to our campers and the questions being thrown at them are worth sharing…

“Does it have cup holders?”
“How complicated is the engine?”
“Can you land this at a McDonalds?”
“Have you ever hit a bird?”
“Can you see a snake on your helicopter camera?”

We appreciate this crew coming to speak with our campers about what they do and for their patience in answering all of their questions!

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Danville Police and Fire Summer Camp - Day 1

Today marks the start of the Danville Police and Fire Camp 2021. This event is hosted at Ellis Park in Danville, Indiana. Campers began arriving this morning at 7:30am and prepared for the day’s events. To kick of the day, The Danville Fire Department Dive Team hosted a demonstration and allowed campers a unique opportunity to interact with the divers at the Gill Aquatic Center pool. Today campers will participate in Relay Challenge, Fire Extinguisher Arcade, Big Wheel Course, and Drill / Marching Exercise. This year’s event runs through Wednesday July 21st, 2021.

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