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New lifesaving technology has come to the Danville Fire Department. Chief Roberts was able to purchase two Stryker LUCAS devices through the support of the Center Township Trustee Judy White. This device provides life saving compressions at the correct rate and depth more consistently than its human counterpart. This device will free up EMS providers to do other vital actions and tasks in a time where seconds and minutes count. These devices have been placed on our response vehicles and are ready when the need arises.

Wednesday evening the Danville Fire Department held a badge pinning ceremony for three Firefighters who successfully completed their probationary period and two Firefighters who were promoted to Lieutenant.

The following Firefighters were pinned at the ceremony:

  • Lieutenant Matt Templeton
  • Lieutenant James Cravens
  • Firefighter Alex Mahan
  • Firefighter Trevor Bolton
  • Firefighter Cameron Chapman

Today marked the end our 2021 Danville Police & Fire Summer Camp. 30 campers, aged 9-13, spent three full days with our public safety agencies, learning in detail exactly what we do each day.

Following these fun and informative activities, our campers participated in a graduation ceremony in Bosstick Gym, commemorating the 2021 Danville Police & Fire Summer Camp class. During the ceremony, Danville Town Manager, Mark Morgan, addressed the graduates.

Chief of Police Jim Hilton and Fire Chief Rob Roberts also addressed the campers and presented them with their certificates of completion and camp Challenge Coins.

The campers then participated in an Water Ball competition to end the camp. This game involves four fire hoses and a large ball suspended in the air by a cable. It is best described as tug-of-war, using fire hoses. It’s was more fun than we could have ever expected!

This camp was amazing! We love interacting with our youth and this was the best opportunity to do just that.

We would like to thank our sponsors for making this possible! Without them, we could not have done anything close to what we put together.

Danville Police and Fire Camp Sponsors:
  • Hendricks Power Cooperative
  • Walmart Supercenter - Danville
  • York Towing & Recovery
  • Indiana State Police Aviation Section
  • PHI Air Medical, LLC
  • Town of Danville Parks Department
  • Danville Department of Public Works
  • Nelson & Co

Day Two of our 2021 Danville Police & Fire Summer Camp is underway. Troopers with the Indiana State Police Aviation Section are currently giving a presentation to our campers and the questions being thrown at them are worth sharing…

“Does it have cup holders?”
“How complicated is the engine?”
“Can you land this at a McDonalds?”
“Have you ever hit a bird?”
“Can you see a snake on your helicopter camera?”

We appreciate this crew coming to speak with our campers about what they do and for their patience in answering all of their questions!

Today marks the start of the Danville Police and Fire Camp 2021. This event is hosted at Ellis Park in Danville, Indiana. Campers began arriving this morning at 7:30am and prepared for the day’s events. To kick of the day, The Danville Fire Department Dive Team hosted a demonstration and allowed campers a unique opportunity to interact with the divers at the Gill Aquatic Center pool. Today campers will participate in Relay Challenge, Fire Extinguisher Arcade, Big Wheel Course, and Drill / Marching Exercise. This year’s event runs through Wednesday July 21st, 2021.

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